Lambic and the spontaneous fermentation

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Lambic and the spontaneous fermentation

Cantillon Brewery

I am Mimi, the little mouse.
The brewery doesn't have any secrets for me, so follow me and I'll tell you about the beers which are made here.

I am fond of wheat and barley grains, so I am probably the best guide to introduce you to these great beers : Gueuze, Kriek, Faro, etc.

Traditional Lambic is made according to the following rules:

  1. Ingredients:
    • raw wheat 35%
    • malted barley 65%
    • dried hops (three years old) : 5 g per liter of beer
  2. Process:
    • brewing (from 45°c up to 72°c)
    • collecting the wort by filtering
    • boiling and hopping in the boilers
    • cooling down in the cooling tun, in contact with the open air
    • natural infection of the wort by wild ferments (bacteria and yeasts)
    • pumping the wort at a temperature of 18°c into oakwood or chestnutwood barrels
    • spontaneous fermentation, visible in the beginning, slow afterwards
    • transformation of all the sugars within three years
  3. Looks of Lambic:
    • Still beer, cereals wine. During the fermentation, the carbon dioxide escapes through the wood and as a result does not saturate the beer.
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