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Gueuze 100% Organic Lambic

We are a part of the brewing sector, which is in turn an important part of the food industry. Tens of thousands of people have tasted our beers or will do so one day.

The Cantillon Brewery is very conscious of its responsibility towards its customers and our attitude proves it. Since the beginning, our aim has been twofold. On the one hand we defend an age-old tradition by brewing spontaneous fermentation beers. On the other hand we try to defend the natural taste of the beer within the gastronomy, and we aim for the highest quality by using only the best raw materials.

Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio

Artists : Raymond Goffin and
André Mollekens, 2003

This is why in 1999 the Cantillon Brewery decided to go back to its roots and to use organically grown cereals only. Since we need Lambic from three different years in order to make Gueuze, we had to wait until 2003 to present you with the first bottles labelled "ecolabel", certified by Ecocert. For the moment, the Organic Label doesn't apply to our fruit beers, because the quantities of organically grown cherries and raspberries are insufficient.

Why Organic ? In these times when some farmers, who are conscious of the poor state of our environment and of our soils, have decided not to use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, the Cantillon Brewery wants to support this agriculture by using organically grown cereals for its beer.

The label is a joint work by two Brussels artists: Raymond Goffin, the "Marolles'" painter, and André Mollekens, photograph. It naturally symbolizes the return to using organic cereals like "in the Old Times".

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