Kriek Lou Pepe

Blend of Schaerbeek cherries with two-year-old lambic - 300 g per litre.

Beer with character that is balanced and very fruity.

Couleur :

deep red

Alc :




T° dégustation :

15 °C/59 °F


  • 75 cl (actuellement non disponible à la brasserie)
Limited to 1 bottle per person.

Le mot du Brasseur

Schaerbeek cherries originate from the Brussels Region, and up until the 1960s these local sour cherries were used exclusively for blending kriek. Unfortunately, the introduction on the market of pasteurised and sweetened industrial lambics marked the beginning of the end of the cultivation of this superb fruit as brewers of fake lambic switched instead to syrups and artificial flavours. Schaerbeek cherries are very delicate, and the harvest is unpredictable at best. On average, we still manage to acquire one or two tonnes per year from local producers, who are now few and far between.

The lambics we select must have enough character, while still retaining a fruity side. It takes two to three months of soaking to make Kriek Lou Pepe, and due to the very limited supply of fruit available production of this superb beer is limited to a few thousand bottles a year.