Framboise Lou Pepe

Blend of raspberries with two-year-old lambic - 300 g per litre.

Beer with very intense fruitiness. The natural tartness of the raspberries nicely complements the lambic’s slight acidity.

This beer will keep for a long time in a good cellar but we recommend to drink it within the year to enjoy the intensity of the fruit.

Couleur :


Alc :


T° dégustation :

12 °C/54 °F


  • 75 cl (actuellement non disponible à la brasserie)
Limited to 1 bottle per person.

Le mot du Brasseur

As opposed to Rosé de Gambrinus, which is produced by blending one- and two-year old lambics, Framboise Lou Pepe only uses beers that have matured in casks for two years.

Beers selected for their elegant and wine-like characteristics.

We use 300 g of fruit per litre of lambic for this delightfully fruity beer.