Gueuze Lou Pepe

Blend of two-year-old lambics selected for their character and refined flavours.

Lou Pepe is a type of gueuze produced with lambics having matured longer in casks, which lends the beer greater character and elegance.

Couleur :

light yellow

Alc :




T° dégustation :

15 °C/59 °F


  • 75 cl (actuellement non disponible à la brasserie)
Limited to 3 bottles per person.

Le mot du Brasseur

The Gueuze Lou Pepe is made with two years old lambic beers with a mellow taste, often coming from barrels in which only wine has been kept before.The second fermentation of these particular beers is not caused by the addition of young lambic but of a sweet liquor. The yeast will transform the sugar in carbon dioxide. All the lambic beers which are used, are brewed in the same season and the use of liquor instead of young lambic makes the taste of the fruit more intense.
Lou Pepe is what the seven grandsons of the Van Roy-Cantillon family call their grandfather, Jean-Pierre.