Blend of rhubarb with one- and two-year-old Lambics.

Beer with a tangy and fruity taste. A slight astringency accentuates its subtlety and its end note.
A good beer to age, as its taste evolves over time.

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  • 75 cl (actuellement non disponible à la brasserie)
Limited to 3 bottles per person.

Le mot du Brasseur

The Mamouche and the Lou Pépé are dedicated to my mom and dad respectively.
This blend of rhubard and Lambic being my wife Nathalie’s favorite beer, it was evident to me that I should call it "Nath" as a tribute to her.

Nath is a kindergarten teacher, so who better than her pupils to draw a picture of her for the label of the beer ?


Rhubarb wine is a traditional drink in Belgium, so blending the tart astringency of this plant with the drier acidity of the Lambic was an easy choice to make.

This rhubarb Lambic was the first Zwanze to be brewed, in 2008, in very small quantities. The Rhubarb Zwanze was once again featured during the 2012 Zwanze, in larger quantities.